Monday, February 21, 2011

Bow Down To the Yoga Teacher - Newsweek

Bow Down To the Yoga Teacher - Newsweek

Thought I might share this one! Thought it makes some people think a little about whats going on in the yoga world. I think anything is a step in the right direction. Everyone finds their nitch...and in the long run, most people who truely disagree with these types of teachers tend to find themselves in a Ashtanga Yoga room moving towards Mysore practice. Thats where all the cream and fluff is removed and we have to drink that straight up and black and no sugar!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

....It's A Rocket! What is this rebel yogi style that is sweeping across the world

For every different type of person, there is a type of yoga that will fit them perfectly.  Anyone who says yoga is not for them is someone who has either given up looking or simply is afraid to start because they know the ultimate result of yoga is to transform and change.  To leave behind the old and shift into the a higher state.

So lets say your like me... You like to work with your body and enjoy the empowerment that unfolds as you challenge yourself to do things that some call impossible.  You like to dance, rock climb,  and enjoy playing just about any sport with your friends.

Then I promise your going to Love the Rocket!!!  This is the only style of yoga that really encourages the individual student to reach for the stars!  How else would your reach the moon and stars in anything but a Rocket!

The Rocket is a particular vinyasa sequence that has between 1-3 levels of advancement.  Like most vinyasa practices having some knowledge of the moving a breathing system of Ashtanga yoga is important but any teacher trained specifically in the Rocket style can easily introduce you to the style.

Larry Schultz coined the Rocket style when he took his teachings from Pattabhi Jois and modified the practice for westerners, then gave freedom to the students, which had been taken away from us by the elitist traditionalists of the practice.  This is how the It's Yoga lotus flower began to unfold.

His first shift to the sequence was an old tradition started by Krishnamacharya, the Father of modern yoga.  This shift allowed Larry to string the traditional Ashtanga standing series by putting all the postures on one side first.  Then repeating the postures on the 2nd side... instead of doing right side followed immediately by the left side.  This was done to increase they sympathetic nervous system stimulation and wake up a "nation of zombies".  Thats what most people in the US are.

Starting the standing sequence with Utkatasana and shifting into a Bakasana and handstand right in the beginning is a true statement to the style Rocket yoga upholds.  People who love to stand on their hands and push the body to the limit love the advance Rocket classes.

Larry's Rocket yoga classes have probably inspired more vinyasa classes out there than you could imagine.  Bikram was once quoted in Yoga Journal saying that "Larry Schultz is the creator of Power Yoga."  Larry was mixing up the vinyasa series before anyone even thought about it... thats why hes known as "The Bad Man" of Ashtanga Yoga.

The seated series is what distinguishes the level of the practice.  Primary series is used for beginners and 2nd series along with the 3,4, and 5th series are for the advanced students.  This is what is what is so attractive to this system!!!  Larry gives it all!!!

You can find Rocket Teachers now all over the world... just start asking.  Any if you can't find any then check out It's Yoga Puerto Rico or Larry Schultz to sign up for the next teacher training and share your love of the practice!


Yogi D