Friday, April 13, 2012

Meditation is formless... there is no method

Pardon me for not spending time putting down exact quotes here and more than like I will greatly discredit much of the people I quote by paraphrasing it to pieces but with that being said this is a blog honoring those who follow an unrestricted form of practice/meditation. No rules here.

Terrence Mckenna once said that culture is not your friend.  Culture restricts the individuals ability to flourish. Religions/Cults and other forms of organization and rules cause most of us to be demonized.  Art is our only form of defense.  We create our own expression to maximize our humanity. Yoga is my art.

Krishnamurti also spoke against providing methods of attainment. He refused religions and ideologies.  

The famous ideal of something not being "correct method" ultimately takes away the individuals experience.  Who are we to expect our experience to be the only way for another. Doubt is a practice in which Krishnamurti spoke highly.  The practice of questioning the information that you receive.  Why trust?  Why have faith?  When all of our great teachers have told us to experience it ourselves.  Experience is the key.  Once you experience it you do not trust... you know.

In fact the most important step of all is to "doubt yourself".  Question the very existence of who you are. Why you are here and what is your beliefs? 

Osho is another radical in the world of spirituality, yoga, and other forms of religion.  To Osho in the honest practice of yoga, one must not be subject to faith or belief.  "Beliefs are like cloths... they can be changed"  But the man stays  the same.  One day a man can carry a Bible and profess his passion for Christ and then the very same man can change his faith and start carrying a Koran. But the man stays the same. 

Yoga is a practice of getting to the core of it all.  All beliefs must be given up.  All identity must be removed.  What you think your are... what you believe your are is not real.  Larry Schultz said  "Everything you see with your eyes open or closed is make believe"  What you feel is real.

Its good to start from a point of not knowing what meditation is...  It's a "marvelous" place to begin.  So all previous beliefs must be released. 

Questioning the act and paying attention to see the experience as a response to the act.  Are they separable.  There are many methods/paths to the same end.  Can we attribute one as right and one as wrong?  One as good and one as sin? 

There is no "Correct Method" because there is no incorrect method either.  This is the practice of non-dualism.  Being conscious seeing everything as an expression of everything.  As my good friend Paul always says "Everything is Everything"