Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Day of the Ashtanga Yoga Immersion

I have decided to offer a small glimpse into the process of helping a student immerse themselves into the Ashtanga Yoga practice.

This will be great for teachers because i plan to bring to light the fundamentals in a building process for students to become full fledged dedicated practitioners and enthusiastic facilitators of this practice we all love so much.

For students you will find this stream of blogs as a nice surface test to whether or not you would enjoy participating in an Ashtanga Yoga training. The deeper you get into the studies o Ashtanga Yoga the more blurred the line becomes between the student and the teacher.

Introduction is always the beginning. Introducing the intention of the training itself. This process has a life of its own. Its like climbing on the back of a wild horse and working to tame the Juggernaut of a practice that has lasted the test of time. Over 5000 years to throw a ball park figure out. What is the Philosophy that passes from teacher to student? That seed of curiosity that keeps spreading through the Fields, rooting and sprouting?

Now is time to fill in all that empty space with this practice. We often feel like theres no time to add in anything new, but on the contrary we are all here because there is a hole that needs to be filled. Yoga will complete the individual.. Or should we say it will burn away the crowd within us until only 1 is left.. Your true self.

Circles are always opened by introducing yourself.  But this is not just for the purpose of joining together the people.  Each individual has to question themselves and choose how to describe themselves to the group.  This is the true beginning of becoming who you want to be!

Stay in touch and I will be giving weekly updates on the process of this 200 hour training!