Monday, January 24, 2011

David's Introduction to Yoga!

I found this page I wrote for someone who wanted me to explain my introduction to yoga.  I always answer these a little different each time even though its always really the same.

What yoga means to me will always change as I become more comfortable with who I am, but how I was introduced to yoga will forever be the same.  This means its a good thing to think about as much as you can.  How did you get to the things you love.  What was the path and how are you going to continue to expand upon that original goal!


Davids’ Introduction to Yoga

To really pin point the moment when the seed of yoga was planted into my consciousness almost seems impossible.  Over time the meaning and experience of yoga has been becoming larger and more expansive than I could have ever imagined.  As for right now I can not even see the horizon. 

We know yoga both as “Union” as well as “Separation”.  Union with what most of us could say is the unknown.  Union with the godhead, Atma and Brahma, or joining the lower self with the higher self.  In order for this to take place we must also separate or detach from our conditioned minds.  Turn off or remove the thinking mind.  This is yoga at its core, but not how yoga was introduced to most of us or myself.

Although since a very young age I became interested in philosophical writings and mystical experiences, the idea and term yoga did not present itself to me until I was already in my early 20’s.  I was lucky enough to be asked to join my girlfriend at the time to take a yoga class with her.  I had never really understood what happened in yoga rooms.  I figured it was a room of old people practicing headstands.  From an early age I had become fascinated with Break Dancing and the acrobatic skills they used in their style of dance.  Due to this my ego around physical activities like head standing was very large and I felt it was ridicules for me to join a class full of people who were learning how to stretch and balance.  Luckily my love for my girlfriend was greater than my ego and I happily joined a Yoga class that was called “The Rocket”.  I was told it would be exciting and challenge me.  The name seemed to follow this idea and made me curious to see what would happen next.  Long story short… My ego was broken on that first class as I melted onto my mat and dripped away all of my insecurities that were filling my life as I sweated and prayed with my first Ashtanga Yoga class! 

Addiction could be a term that follows the excitement that grips someone who has found yoga.  Also for me a sense of confirmation that I was not alone in the world of curiosity and wonder about this life we live.  I immediately immersed myself into the yoga world and signed up for the first intensive training I could find.  I not only wanted to learn this amazing practice…I wanted to share it with everyone I knew!!!  This practice has moved me through an experience of life that can only be viewed by me as yoga teaches everyone to follow their own paths and see the world through their own eyes.  This practice is a gift that has been given down from generation to generation.  I want to help continue this receiving and giving process as long as I can. 

Living a certain lifestyle is what yoga has given me in response to continuous practice and service to the self.  Enjoying the smells of nature as we walk through life.  Never spending more time going versus just being where you need to be.  Staying warm and full of vitality to keep yourself inspired and to keep inspiring those around you. 

Yoga has given me a strong base to bring a beautiful baby girl into this world and share with her all the wonderful things I have seen and done in my life.  So one day she can tell me what the meaning of life is.  My family is now my yoga.  Im sure the meaning of yoga will grow and change over time, but that first introduction of yoga will remain the same.  Yoga is not what you think it is…. Yoga is only what you feel. 

Enjoy your Day!
Yogi D

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