Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going Home: What this means for the external world and internal world.

As a traveler..small scale, but I did clear the platinum status with American Airlines last year;  I find that no matter how much I love the place that im in... Im ready to go home after a few weeks.  Some people are able to travel for months on end with their lives on their backs and in their bags, but I prefer to have a home to store my things.  A quiet place that is only for me and my closest family and friends.   When I return home there is a calm that washes over me as I reside in the one place that is truly my domain.  Soon to be a place that I can come home to a full family.

Often times we refer to our bodies in the yoga practice as a temple.  The asana is a cleansing practice to keep our bodies pure. Pure enough to be attractive to the gods themselves.  Strong, supple, and capable.

Meditation is the process of coming back to the original home.  Moving deeper into the same calm and quite space that is always inside us.  This is a space where you are truly a master of your domain.  Like a mobile home your mind is a place that you can use as refuge from the chaos that surrounds us.  Yoga will make you mind orderly and set a tone to keep yourself steady and easy at all time.

We can use the practice to get us into our bodies, then we have to deal with the body.  Once the body is prepared... once the body and mind have been made a hospitable place, then your true self can move in!  We can let the ego be a roommate for a little while, but eventually he will have to move out with the rest of the toxins!

Home sweet Home


Yogi D

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